HOPE Bindrune Leather Bracelet
HOPE Bindrune Leather Bracelet
HOPE Bindrune Leather Bracelet

HOPE Bindrune Leather Bracelet

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Handmade leather cuff bracelet with tooled bindrune for Hope.

In dark times, Dagaz lights the way, embodying the new day and a chance to start anew. Jera represents the cycle of work and harvest, reminding us each day is a chance to sow the seeds of the future and lay the foundation for a great outcome. Two Elder Futhark runes combine in this hopeful bindrune to bring a feeling of hope.

Bracelet is 1" wide and closes with an antique brass button stud. Two closure holes for fit adjustability.

Sizes Available:

Small - 7" (17.75cm)

Large - 8" (20.3cm)

X-Large - 9" (22.8cm)

*Note: this item is made to order, please allow 3-5 days processing time before shipment.